Biodatup provides support for optimal management of clinical research: ranging from pharmaceutical laboratories,
CROs, hospital departments and research centers…

Our system provides centralized, comprehensive and efficient management of clinical trials.

Our platform provides a continous on-line monitoring including mathematical, statistical and pharmacological
analyses. As well as implementation of artificial intelligence on recorded data, which allows the generation
of ad-hoc alarms in real time.



1. Systematic data collection

– Completely flexible
– Ad-hoc
– Centralized monitory infrastructure
– Possibility of installing a local device/s on the trial location/s
– ISOs certifications

2. simple and intuitive interface

– Intuitive interface
– Easy to handle
– Minimize human error
– Easy interpretation of results

3. Real time analysis of data

– Use of the most innovative mathematical techniques
– PopPKPD models (FDA recommended)
– Big Data
– Data Science
– Data mining
– Predictive models
– Patient simulation

4. Generation of real time alarms

– Pharmacokinetic ranges
– Pharmacodynamic ranges
– Trend of data
– Variability control
– Alerts ad-hoc based on any biomarker level
– Results, alarms, notifications,… to any electronic device



CRO’s: will reduce costs and have the best quality data, thanks to the maximization and efficiency of the monitoring and analysis in real-time with alarm systems

Clinical Trial Manager

Clinical trial managers will obtain a centralized monitoring system, enabling them to efficiently maximize the resources available to carry out clinical trials in addition to minimize human error


Patients: will benefit from greater security while they are undergoing trials due to significant improvement in control of toxicity and the realization of personalized treatments